Its June 3o the official start of cowboy christmas, I just got back from Gallup and Abbique, Gallup didn’t go so well, but Abbique found me in the money, I got a good horse there just nice to ride.

I meet up with Brian tomorrow to head to Show Low to jump in the truck with JT, we are up at Pagosa Springs, Show Low, Springerville and Taylor over the next three days. It should be good, Scott McDaniels has the stock at three of them and brings his best for the fourth. Buster has Pagosa and it should be good.
It will be nice to get up north out of the heat for a while, I plan on staying a few days to do some camping and miss a few other rodeo’s to spend some quite time with the family. JT, will be hustling back to Texas to for couple of rodeos and believe Brian is doing the same. Cobly is still nursing his bummed up ankle he said he might drive up and meet us in Show Low to hang out and get back with everyone. I will update on how things go over the fourth. We have some big runs in July coming up that we are looking forward to. Until then set your feet, tuck your chin and lift on your riggin.

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