The week is dragging by and we are all getting excited about the start of the summer runs for us. It looks to be a blast, Fourth weekend will be long but fun run we will start out Thursday in Pagosa Springs, head back to Show Low, then do springerville sat afternoon and Taylor Saturday night. I think after Taylor I will break away for a day or two and try to get some camping in with the family. If not possible the following weekend for sure.
Looking forward to this weekend, Gallup and Abbique looked at the day sheets for Gallup, its full of some good riders all the way through the weekend. Looking forward to rolling in, taping up and taking care of business give everything we got to make the bonus round Saturday night. A guy could walk out of there with over 3K in his pocket. Not to bad of way to make some money.
Already getting things packed for the weekend, I’m so wound up and ready to get out spur some four legged critters… JT is stoked about coming over for the fourth, it will be good for all of us back in the rig again. Its funny sometimes we actually come with some very bright idea’s when were all together talking as we cruise down the road.
We will talk again – better get back to packing and getting things around to hit it hard this weekend.
Spur up in the main line.

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