I talked the guys this evening, trying to line out our June and July runs. Looks like we will start our run the second weekend in June and will continue until the middle of July, Over 20 rodeos going between Texas, AZ, NM and CO. Looking forward to those CO rodeos get to get out of the hot sun down here for a few days a week. Colby is still trying to heal up, he probable won’t get on his first one until September if he is lucky and heals quick. I think we are all getting a little cabin fever going and wanting to get out on the road to some good rodeos. I will update when we figure out were we want to go before that run starts in June, but it looks like we will have some time on our hands to work out and get ready for the long haul. Once that run starts up for about two months straight it will be hard to find time to slow down and work out.
Brian has been working on some songs, as we said on his home page he is one the best singers around. He has a catchy little tune he has been working on. Once he finishes it we will get it up on the site for you to read. Its about cowbys, broncs, fights, buckles, drinking and oh ya picking momma up in the rain day she got out of prison. Ok the last part was joke, but once he finishes it I will get it up.
JT has been being JT and has been hanging out a little bit in Wickenberg. He has been riding some horses and helping Brian shoe.
I’m going into the final week of baseball, its been a long year for us this year. Tournament play starts tomorrow night, hopefully we can make a little bit of noise and win. I’m looking forward to it being done, so I can get to some rodeo’s. Looking forward to that, feel like I have missed everything this Spring but its been well worth it spending time with kids. Even though I missed the rodeo’s I feel like I still won by spending this time with my kids. They grow so quick.
Until next time keep your mind in the middle and spur life for every second it gives you.

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