Quick update on how the Globe rodeo went. It was a good rodeo well over 250 contestants total for the rodeo. JT drew Rock n Robin of Scotts, a great horse that was a -T horse he got with a couple of other good ones. JT was 80 points on the horse, I have drawn the horse twice now and so has JT we both have two first places finishes and placing high in the money. I had drawn up Companion which is an old campaigner of Scotts, usually really good. But before I could go the horse out in before me which is was the best horse Scott owned Marbles slipped and fell and broke its back. Really a bad news for Bareback riders, a rank good horse with a lot action. With that being said I had to back my riggin off and let companion stand in the chutes for a full 30 mins. Then when I did get to nod my head the horse just kinda ran off then started bucking good at the end. I got fourth place with an option, if I was in better shape I may have taken the option but my score was good enough to put me in the money so I kept it. Brian has been in San Antonio golfing in a tournament. Have not heard from him which means he has been having a great time. I will update you on how he did once I get a chance to talk to him. Colby had surgery two weeks ago and is hobbling around on one leg. He is probably out to close to 4 months, shattered the ball on your ankle. So give him a call to cheer him up if you have his number.
Were heading up to Mayer, AZ for a small little open rodeo put on by Mercer Rodeo company. It should be really good. Lacy does a good job of putting on fun rodeos, so if you up that way May 10 and 11th stop in and say hi. Until then we will talk to you all later. Next month I think I will start a little deal were every week I will blog about what one of us did during that week. Give you a little in depth look at what we do before we head to the rodeo during the week to get ready. JT will be up at the Buffalo Chip fighting bulls again tonight and this Friday night. Talk to you all later

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