Cought up with the guys the other day, it sounds like they had a blast in CA. I guess it was pretty outstanding from what that said. JT and Brain both did well in the averge in both there events won a little bit of money and had bunch of fun. I guess the mansion was a blast and they got to meet a lot of different people while they were there. I remembered speaking to them that weekend and I guess they didn’t get in until 6 am the next morning. Then had to ride that night.
Colby had surgery yesterday to repair his broken ankle, I guess he broke it pretty good. He busted the ball in ankle, so they put some hardware in him that he will get to pack around for good now. I guess the nurse was teasing him after the surgery, when they drugged him up to go under he started flirting with the nurse. True cowboy right there, getting ready to go under the knife and still hitting on the girls. I told him the romantic side just comes out when your drunk or drugged up, so your body thought you were at some wild nurse honky tonk some where doing what just comes natural.
Brian is getting ready to head down to San Antone for the Golf Tournament, he is pretty excited about it. So he will not be at Globe this weekend. JT is up on Saturday night and I’m up Sunday afternoon. /M bucking stock, the best in the southwest, Scott and Milo will have some buckers there and it will be good watching. Looking forward to it. I ride at a convention rodeo tomorrow night, which I’m looking forward to getting on something before sunday to knock the rust off since I have been nothing for awhile, just been a little coach so far this year. Globe is the first rodeo that is part of the six pack series tour this year. I won it two years ago and I’m hopping for lightening to strike twice. We have some really nice buckles were giving out for the series, if you go to the GCPRA web site you can see a picture of the buckle. Pretty snazzy if you ask me. (oh ya I picked them out) After Globe we are heading to Mayer, AZ for an open rodeo there put on by Lacy Mercer, so it should be a fun deal. Her rodeos always are, and she does a great job of giving some great prizes. Well we will talk to you all later and I will update this weekend on twitter so be looking for it. gotta go its rodeo time.

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