Quick update on whats going on. JT has been busy fighting bulls up at the buffalo chip in Cave Creek. He is there every Wednesday and Friday night. My neice had a friend come down from WA who rides bulls and has started going out there to get some riding in and practice up. Brian has been busy shoeing as normal and getting ready for his golf tournament in San Antonio coming up in a few weeks, him and JT are up in Norco this weekend. Sure wish I was going.. But I have been busy with little league baseball, its a lot of fun this year. Team is struggling a little bit, but I think we are getting ready to turn the corner. Colby on the other hand has  had a run of bad luck. He broke his ankle in Cave Creek, so now they want to operate on him and he could be out up to 4 months. I doubt if he will sit that long before he gets cabin fever and ready to get on something that bucks. He is gonna let me know when the surgery is, so if your reading this give him a call and cheer him up. I told him his first ride back will be a good one cause he will have a lot of time to sit around to think about it and get hungry again for riding. We were laughing and talking the other day and I came up with a catchy line for a song, so any song writter out there see what you can do with this. “Looking for the day when I have my fist full of dollars, a handful rein and my flaske full of whiskey on the dash heading to the next rodeo.” If you come up with the rest of it let me know.
Other than that we have just all been waiting for things to slow down outside of the arena so we can all get in the rig again for the summer run and end the summer off with Sonoita. I don’t know whats going on there for sure as far as stock contractors go but I sure hope Scott of /M gets the stock. He has the best bucking horses in the SouthWest. Until then we will see you all down road. I will update you on how JT and Brian do in Norco, Ca. We will all be in Globe in a few weeks so please come out and say hi. Later Gator

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