Its April and everyone is getting ready to go somewhere. JT and Brian are heading to Califronia this weekend for the Laton and Lagrange run. Two very fun rodeo’s, its about 4 fours between the two towns over there. The both got decent money added but they are just two fun rodeo’s to go to. Sounds like they picked up a bull ridere to tag along with them this weekend. Last time we were over there, JT got in a big bar fight and spent 3 days in Jail. It was pretty wild, sometimes the local cowboys just don’t like the out towners… JT was already feeling bullet proof after winning Laton and placing high in the money Lagrange, so when a big fella started pushing him around well, lets just say the big guy picked the wrong the guy pick a fight with.
Colby is up this weekend in Cave Creek, sounds like he has a colt drawn up. Colby is due, he has been riding good just not getting on any thing real outstanding to get him in the money.
Colby said this morning they went out to Buffalo Chip in Cave Creek for the bull riding, JT was up there fighting bulls, I guess they have a bull riding every Wed and Friday night. He said it was a packed house and a good time.
Brian has been up on the Verde Ride, I guess that is something else from what he says. You have to be invited by a member, you do roping, trail riding and there is a ranch rodeo. He said you can only come a member once someone has passed on if I understood him correctly. From what I heard from other people its a very a good time. There is a Golf Tournament as well, and people, Brian is a scratch golfer. He will miss some more rodeo’s cause he will be in some golfing tournaments. I guess he has a big one coming up in TX during the Globe rodeo he goes to every year. Colby is not shabby with a golf club in his hand to.
I have little league baseball, so I will be coaching and watching my kids play. To me its just as good as going to get on some where to ride 1400 lbs of bucking fury. I enjoy just haning out with my kids, it always puts me in a new perspective on life. With rodeo being grounded in family its always good to spend time with my family. I do look forward to climbing on something very soon though. My youngest has been riding some steers at some rodeo’s and that is thrill watching that. My oldest gave up his steer riding for now. But I have a feeling as he gets older he will be finding a event that he wants to compete in.
Thats it for now, I will update on how things go in CA for JT and Brian. Also give you a update on how things go for Colby in Cave Creek.
Happy trails and I will talk to you soon.

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