Well the weekend is here, and we are all spread out with different things going. Brian is going up to ranch rodeo to rope in it. A person has to be invited to attend it, I guess its a really neat deal and is set up to have fun.
Colby has been shoeing horse lately for a little extra cash. His ride at buckeye last weekend could of went a little better for him.
JT is on his way to Texas to fiight some bulls for a buddy for a few days. He should be back in time for the Laton and Lagrange, CA run. He and Brian are the only two going over for the run. I have little league baseball that I coach and Colby is up at some other rodeo’s.
It seems like its been a long time since the four of us were in the same rig heading to a rodeo. But we do have some runs coming up that we will be together on and I look forwad to them. Its seems like when the four of us are together we ride much tougher as group. You could say good friends are always good to have by your side when your nodding your head and able to talk about the rides as we go down the road. But every once in awhile a guy has to be able to show up somewhere on his own and take care of business.
I know not real exciting stuff right now, but the year is still young and the meat of rodeo season is still a few months away. I know were all looking forward to going some good shows this late spring and summer, stringing together a some good rides. We will talk to all you later. Until then spur up.

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