Well its the weekend and its pretty quiet I think everyone is taking a little rest before the storm comes in. What I mean by a storm, a whole slew of rodeos to go to.
Colby is up in Buckeye tonight, he had a Salt River horse drawn up. He thinks it might be a colt. I will update on he does monday.
Brian and JT have been out shoeing horses in the hot weather we got down here, I’m sure they have just about wilted in the heat today. It has really warmed up in Arizona.
I have been up to my head in little league baseball. I coach my oldest boy he is in majors and my younger son I moved him up to minors. He is a 8 year old playing with 9 and 10 year olds. He does a good job of holding his own so far.
So if you have been wondering what we are up to thats it. Just getting ready for a good April run coming up. We will see ya all down the road. If you see us please offer us a cold beer in this heat. Happy trails…

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