JT arrived yesterday from Portland, OR. He had a good showing there, placed third with a 79 and won himself a good little chunk of money. He said he had a good one that circled around to the left and jumped and kicked. In his words gave the iron to one. He had a good week it sounded like up there. Hung out with some buckle bunnies, did a little horse shoeing and feeding horses, actually got to play a little golf to he said. After the rodeo Saturday night he went to the after hours party, and spurred a bucking machine all night long. He said at one point in the night that six girls got on it at once. Even in Oregon he has his deer stand sat up and waiting for him. The best part of the night was that when he was in the autograph session, he said some girl came up and opened here shirt and asked him to sign her chest… So he stuck the pen in his mouth and signed away. Sounded like Portland was a lot of fun. He said it was a sell out, the arena was full to capacity. I will get him to do a little interview later this week on here. While he was gone we watched his dog and our mascot for the week. A little puppy that goes by Cowboy and chews on everything.
JT said they were out in full force in Portland and had a good time, horses were good, the crowd was wild, the whisky was flowing like water, and the buckle bunnies were every where. To top it all off he put to the boots to good one get him deep into the money. He was huritng a little bit when he came over yesterday from all the fun he was having on week long trip.
Right now we are looking at going to Laton, CA, Lagrange, CA, Norco, CA, Globe,AZ, Farmington, NM. In May we are looking at run down into Texas for some good rodeos, and might sneak back to the midwest for another Toughest Rodeo. Things are starting to pick up, looking forward to getting the four of us back in the rig and going again.
Until we see ya again tuck your chin and set your feet.

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