Well its Tuesday morning and we are back from our trip from Everrett, WA. Toughest Cowboy Challenger Round. (Well let me re-phrase that, I’m back) JT stayed on up there, he found himself a place to hang out until Portland this weekend. It was a good time, I mean a good time.
Saturday started off with a long plane ride up to Bellingham, WA, when we got off the plane we did not have a car to get to Everrett about 70 miles away. So we scrambled talked to some folks, a very nice lady on the plane said she would take us if we did not find a ride down. She lived in Vancover, BC so it would of been the opposite direction of were she was heading. But Avis came through with a deal on there last vehicle, a Hummer H2, it was nice and but most of all it had wheels to get us to the rodeo. We hit the road cruisen thinking that we would be late, it snowed like crazy and compared to Arizona it might as well have been Alaska for how cold it felt. Well we stretched the rubber band on that Hummer and cruised on down to Everrett, got there in plenty of time. It was held at the Com Quest Center there. First thing JT spotted was the jagermiester bus the girls travle in. Found a motel to park the rental car in changed shirts and headed down to the arena.
Made it to the locker room and got changed we had plenty of time to get ready. It started at 7:30 but we got there around 5:30 so we were able to catch our breath a little get a drink and take our time getting ready. The locker room filled up as we were getting ready. Cowboys from all over the country were there.
We walked over found out what we had drawn, they have it down to which chute your horse will be loaded in. Went through a little breifing session with the producer of the rodeo.
We then finished getting taped up, chaps and spurrs were on and we headed out of the locker room. They loaded our horses in the alley way so we could get our riggins on and then moved us all to center out gate for the livestock.
Then they had us all walk out to a burning arch in the arena intorduced us and then the four toughest cowboy contestants after us. Huslted our way to the back of the chutes and finished getting ready. I was gunner, JT was fourth out. He had a little bit a chute fight going before even got to finish sitting his riggin.
You got to love rodeo, they make it a point to honor this great country we live in. Always say a prayer for all the military around the world and thank them for devotion to this country. Were else can a cowboy fly across the country, ride in a rodeo and have so much fun doing? NO where and thanks to our military that make sure we have that freedom to enjoy our lives anyway we want to live them. Its great….
A big flag droped from the ceiling right next to my chute, rattled my horse a little but not to bad. Finished getting him pulled taped on my glove and the flag was lifted. Slowly slide down and ran my hand in my rigging and slide up to nod my head. The horse was outstanding for 4 or 5 seconds then she motored it down. Did not have enough horse to get in the money.
JT was busy on the other side, the neck rope slipped off the horses head which pinned him in the corner in the back of chute. The horse finally stood up, JT nodded and he had himself a bucker under him. A good horse that jumped and kicked. Kinda of big soggy horse looked cool. JT was giving the horse his business, the horse started to get a little out of line with him but kept on bucking with him around to the left. Right at the fence his hand blew out. He was right at the buzzer, he was looking to get himself a top hole in the money if that didn’t happen. It was a good ride and good watching. Couple of buddies were up with us there to and they did alright as well. I don’t know if they got in the money or not. But it was a lot of fun, well worth the trip up. Afterwards we had to go up to the autograph session got to meet some people from Washington and then we headed to the hotel to change and went out to the after hours party. It was wild, the Jagermiester girls were in full force and the place was packed. I ended up missing my flight out the next morning, but luckly Southwest is a cool airline to deal with. They found me another plane ride home.
JT is up in Portland this weekend, I don’t think I will make it up due to some other commitments at home. But I will inform you on how he did. Trust me after last Saturday night I will be surprised if he does not end up in the money. It diffenantly lived up to the hype and them some.
Looks like we have a run coming up in California, then Globe,AZ with a quick trip to New Mexico coming up.
I’m looking forward to the time off right now to let my knees heel up, I twisted my left one in Wickenberg and its still swollen up and my right one well its just ugly looking. Brian won a night at Needles in the Saddle Bronc riding and got a rank horse Saturday night. He is just going and putting the boots to everything he gets on right now. He is zoned in, which is a great feeling to be in when your going. Looking forward to when the four of us are all back in the truck again heading down the road. This spring and summer will be a blast. Looking forward to getting on Scot Mcdaniels horses too. He has some good ones. Some really good ones. Until then tuck your chin and set your feet.
See ya all down the road. I will update on how Portland turns out.

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