Apache Junction is in the books. Now our attention is Everrett, WA 5K added you know we will be taking this week a little bet more seriously as we finish wrapping up travel plans to the Toughest Cowboy Challenger Round.
Today at Apache JT and a good friend of ours Chauncey Kirby split the win in the third round. They rode double as they took there victory lap around the arena horse back. It was a good laugh. Everyone was placing bets to see if the horse was going to buck with both of them on it. Now that would of been worth the cost of addmission right there. But the horse did not listen and circled with no problems just givng us a good laugh as they rode around behind the queen. There are a lot things that could of been said but, I think you get the picture. Talking about picture, of course we got one of them them making there victory lap. So it will be posted soon for all to marvel at.
Our focus like I said is getting to Everrett, and showing everyone what we can do. It should get a little western, I think were all very excited about it. Any time you get a the chance to ride against good competition with good money added it gets your blood boiling. I will keep everyone posted as we go through the week preparing to go. Its cold beer time right now.
See ya all down the road.

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