Not a lot going on this weekend as we head into it. Just getting ready to go to Wickenberg the following weekend, Feb 14 and 15th. Its a rough stock rodeo inside of a Senior Pro rodeo put on by Buster Webb. Our good friend Jesse Petegrue with Broken Slach P bucking bulls will be picking up and possible suppling a few bulls for the rodeo. The GCPRA is having there six pack series again this year just for the rough stock riders. I won this series back in 07, its pretty fun, we pick six rodeo’s cowboys have to compete in 5 of the 6 rodeos to be elgible for the buckle to the winner at the end of the year, the series will be sponsored by Wilkerson Welding out of Rock Springs,Wyoming. GCPRA has some good things cooking moving into 09, might have a few new rodeos, which will be nice. The New Mexico rodeo season kicks off in the middle of March at Belen, NM looking forward to that.
Right now on the schedule is Wickenberg, Apache Junction, Needles, CA, Belen, NM, Lagrange, CA, Laton, CA then Norco, Ca and Globe, AZ. There are couple in New Mexico we plan on attending as well. Brian just got elected to be the new bronc riding director in the GCPRA I think he will do an outstanding job for association. Looking for big year for all of us. JT and Brian are both off to hot starts for the 09 season they have jumped out to an early lead. But its a marathon not sprint. But trust me these guys will be hard to catch no matter who you are. Jason and Colby well lets say we need to get our heads on straight and start taking care of business. This weekend is really our last weekend of getting some rest cuz it gets pretty hetic after this weekend. Brian and Colby went out to Brandon Mayberry’s got on some practice horses, they said the horses were good ones and that they both got on two head to work out the kinks. Brian said Colby snapped and came alive on one making a really good ride. Sounds like he is getting things figured out. I plan to grab Jt and next week me and him go get on before the Wickenberg rodeo. Its all about reaction, the more you get the more comfortable you get and your mucsel memory takes over. Rodeo is more of mental thing than anything. If you got cought thinking while your on a good horse, one of two things will happen you will screw up a good ride or buck off.
A good friend of ours made it to the toughest cowboy to ride for the ranch. Mark Fisher, so if you watch the series be pulling for him.
As for now I will talk to you all later down the road. Look forward to seeing you at a few of these rodeo’s down the road. Until then happy trails.

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