Not a whole lot happened this last weekend. I took some photos over to Coles Cowboy Supply to thank them for there sponsorship for the Finals Jackets and picked up a new gear bag. Had a birthday party Saturday nite and then just enjoyed watching my Steelers beat the Cards.
Colby spent the weekend at a barrel race in Casa Grande hanging out. Brian played golf all weekend, he is a scratch golfer. Jt hung out with his girl Amber, I think they just took it easy all weekend relaxing.
Not a real eventful weekend for us, we had different things going on. But I really did not want to leave my house so I could get all the action on the Super Bowl. What a good game, sure was glad to see Big Ben pull it out.
Looking forward to getting on a Wickenberg, then Apache Junction and Needles. Things should start heating up. Talk to you later.

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