Well the weekend is over and the GCPRA rodeo year is officially under way. The membership drive was a good over a 1,000 competitors in two days between the timed event and rought stock. Cody Resor brought some good horses for us to get on. I met a new annoucer this weekend Blaine Peterson, he knows some of my old buddies, Thad Emerson and his brother Brad, Justing Williams and Tommy Shuster. Its always nice to hear what old friends are up to.
JT had a good weekend, 2nd the first day and first in the second round. Brian won the first day in the bronc riding, but didn’t fair so well on the second day. Myself and Colby are just looking forward to the next one to go to. I had some problems with getting adjusted to my new riggin I got but I think after yesterday I will like it a lot.
It did get a little wild saturday nite, we went out to Grahams and as Legend would have it a girl tried to ride the bucking machine. We use the bucking machine as a deer stand. But back to this girl, lets just say she was not the most nimble person. It took a few people to get her up on the bucking machine 4 to be exact but I got to give her props for going through with it. She was not a small girl if you have not cought on yet. If you followed the twitter post on the site you would of gotten a little bit more information. Hydrulics in the machine were working over time. But she came through and made a ride.
Our next stop is Wickenberg co-sanction between us and the senior pro’s should be a good time. Wickenberg is known to get a little rowdy during the Gold Rush Days. So I’m looking forward to it. Buster Webb will have the stock and with our good friend Jesse who owns broken slash P bucking bulls. I expect it to get a little wild, nothing less. After that we will be Apache Junction then Needles, CA. Its along year and its a marathon not sprint to the finish. See ya all down the road, until then rodeo wild.

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