This is my first shot at Blogging – so get that far away look, a deep seat and hold tight cause it could get a little bumpy. I’m trying hard to keep everything up to date on the site, its just takes work and time to learn all the ins and outs if your not a computer wiz like me. So a big THANK YOU goes out to Lou the brains behind it. Cause you know we lost ours like marbles rolling down the road.

GCPRA Finals last month in Casa Grande, were awesome. The stock provided by /M (Scott Mcdaniels),W/A (buster Webb, Jerry Dorenkemp and Milo Dewitt were outstanding. Horse of the year honors in the Bareback ridng Riddler of Scott McDaniels horse of the finals went to Rock n Robin of Buster Webbs.

Our group that travels together did outstanding as well. JT won the year end in the Bareback riding, Brian won the year end in the Saddle Bronc riding. Jason finished third in the average I figured we took home all together around 1200 bucks.  Jason finished third in the standings, Trevor finished fourth. Not to bad for only having to travel 45 mins to the finals. It was a fitting way to finish our year for the southwest. Early in October JT won the year end in New Mexico took home the year end saddle, both go around buckles and the average buckle. Say the least he was feeling 10 foot tall and bullet proof by the end of the nite. Brian finished 2nd in Bronc riding for the NMRA, Jason finished 7th in the year end and Trevor finishes fourth in the year end. All in all I figure with everyone’s winning we brought in close to 20K of winnings just in our truck roaming around between CO, NM, AZ, TX and CA.

Right now we are just like everyone else getting ready for Christmas, clearing our minds and getting ready for the start of 09. It should be another fun filled year of good times and good broncs.

We look forward to seeing you down the road and please feel free to buy us a beer and say howdy. I will do my best after the first of the year to update the site at least once a week. I need to get some more pictures on the site as well for all of you to view.

Happy trails and Merry Christmas.

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